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Sometimes I miss you so bad that I can hardly stand it.

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Name:Jack Twist
Birthdate:Mar 15
Location:Childress, Texas, United States of America
[Roleplay Account. Not related to Anne Proulx or Jake Gyllenhaal. No copyright infringement intended. Mun and Muse 21+]

Grown up at my pa's farm in Lightning Flat. Childhood was tough and he was a bit of a jerk. My mom was lovely though. When I got old enough I quickly left and spent my time doing rodeo mostly and some occasional ranch work. During a job at Brokeback Moountain Ranch, close to Signal in Wyoming, I met Ennis Del Mar and fell heads over heels in love with him. But then a few months later we parted ways and it took 4 years before I found him again and by then he had gotten married with kids. I spent the next 20 years trying to be his man but to no avail. I got married too with Lureen Newsome after I had knocked her up by accident. Got a kid named Bobby. I never loved her though and I tried with other men but Ennis kept my heart. Never got older that 40 as I died on a lonely road either by accident or by homophobic men.

[Alternative version]
Never married Lureen.
Lives with a friend in Texas.
Still 23.

"Sometimes I miss you so bad that I can hardly stand it," - Jack Twist.

"All we got is Brokeback!" - Jack Twist.

"I'm not looking for a high altitude fuck once or twice every year, I got needs." - Jack Twist.
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